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Breezeway Air Duct Cleaning offers a simple yet wide range of services. We can handle it all, from small homes to large homes – commercial services coming soon! Whatever your needs are, we can design a customized solution for you. Some of our popular services include:

  • Free estimates
  • All air ducts thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and deodorized
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Filter cleaning
  • Efficient, friendly service
  • Etc.

Here are some “before and after” photos from projects we’ve completed recently:


To schedule an appointment for air duct cleaning in Los Angeles, Long Beach and surrounding counties, call us anytime at (626) 399 – 9564 or send us a request on our Contact Us page.

Here is a video which will increase homeowner awareness in terms of what to be aware of when contacting air duct cleaning companies.